The purpose of driver education is to help develop the knowledge, attitudes, habits, and skills necessary for the safe operation of motor vehicles.

Drive Fit believes in teaching students safe driving habits to ensure safe roads for those who travel in our state. Our instructors are committed to high-quality education in preparing youthful drivers for the road. The curriculum used at Drive Fit addresses concepts in a pro-active way.

Through a 30-hour online course requirement, students learn concepts and skills which help them to be safe drivers, including:

Understanding the rules of the road, including “Driving Friendly” and State Handbook Laws. Instruction on the effect of alcohol, drugs, emotions and road rage, plus the dangers of cell phones and texting while driving. Understanding “Sharing the Road” with others, considering such concerns as construction zones, railroad crossings, and pedestrians/school zones, and bicycle safety.

About Drive Fit

Local educators, Mr. Hancock and Mr. West, are pleased to be offering driver’s education for students in the Wasatch Front. Drive Fit offers a 30-hour Online Course, behind-the-wheel driving lessons for a Graduated Driver’s License program (GDL) and Driver's License skills test. These services meet the state’s requirements for teens seeking to obtain a license. Drive Fit’s curriculum is approved and accredited by the Utah State Board of Education, and the Utah Driver’s License Division.

With a deficiency of driver’s education options for local teens attending Private Schools and Charter Schools, they prepared a comprehensive driving program tailored for aspiring drivers to efficiently and effectively learn the rules of the road, safe driving habits and strategies for various driving scenarios. Mr. Hancock and Mr. West are committed to delivering high quality, professional instruction both in the classroom and on the roads of Utah. They are focused on providing teens and new drivers with the knowledge and real-world experiences to become safe, responsible and confident drivers.


Meet Your Instructors



Mr. West

He has a Bachelor’s degree from Central Washington University, a Master’s from the Chaminade University of Honolulu, and over 17 years of teaching experience in public and military schools. In 2018, he began a private education consultancy company, Bookshelf Education Services, which focuses on IDEA compliance, assessment, and credit recovery. He has also coached football, swimming, and wrestling in the US and Overseas.

Mr. Hancock

Mr. Hancock is the co-founder and CEO of Drive Fit, Inc. Zac graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2011, Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in 2015 from Weber State University.

Mr. Hancock started off his education career as a special education teacher. He later started working part-time with charter schools and helped start an online blended charter school. He loved the integration of technology into schools and has since contracted with multiple other online educational institutions. Mr. Hancock's passion for education has also taken him into multiple other business ventures.