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In the US, when a teen passes the driver’s permit test and then gets a license, it often signifies a rite of passage that is associated with a clear path toward adulthood. It is also a sign that a level of independence and freedom are on the horizon and within reach. We know this can be difficult for those living away from home.

Drive Fit has catered a course that meets all the qualifications for Driver Education while in Utah. Utah driver licenses have reciprocity with ALL states, so after your child has returned home they can exchange their license within their home state.

The theory class (coursework) can be provided either by a 100% online program or a conventional textbook course. The instructors at Drive Fit are certified by the state and are licensed Special Education teachers.

Utah has a Graduated Driver License program which requires a 40-hour parent/guardian behind the wheel segment. Drive Fit has specifically designed instruction to meet this 40-hour requirement for those that are living in RT centers.

After we help your child obtain their permit, Drive Fit will help them meet ALL the requirements to get their license. Please look at our options below: