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Utah Students

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In the US, when a teen passes the driver’s permit test and then gets a license, it often signifies a rite of passage that is associated with a clear path toward adulthood. It is also a sign that a level of independence and freedom are on the horizon and within reach. Drive Fit is here to help your teen obtain their license while having them recognize and understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to provide each student with the proper training so they can obtain a Utah driver’s license.


We accept ALL resident students of Utah whether they attend a district, charter, private, or homeschool.

Services provided:

  • 30 driver education theory hours provided online.
  • 4 hours of driving simulation.
  • Road hours with an instructor.
  • Final road skills test.
  • If we have a contract with your school we can offer .25 credits towards your high school diploma.
  • Everything except for Driver’s License is provided (DLD issues license)***


For questions about enrolling or pay by check/phone please email: admin@drivefit.net